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Bred Cow Special & All Classes
Friday, August 10, 2018
All Classes & Bred Cow Special
Starting at 8:00 am MDT with Weigh-ups

Pending 39 Mostly Blk Cow Pairs, 4 yr olds to ST, Exposed back to Simmental-x or Black Angus -x Bulls since July 2, Tagged to Match, Calves at side: 300#, Calf Shots: Bovi-Shield Gold, Ultrabac 8, Bar Vac (C & D), Excell Newborn Paste, Excell Stocker Paste , Cows Shots in the Fall (2017): Preg Guard-FP10, Ultrabac 8, Ivomec Eprinex, Clean-up II
TA Land & Cattle 37 Mostly Blk Cows, 3-ST, Bred to Blk Angus & Hereford Cows, Bulls turn in May; Pulled in August, Shots in the Fall, High Elevation, All Natural
Rockin River Ranch 4 Blk Cows
Bar R Z 2 Mx Cow Pairs

Don Yost 8 Blk Strs & Hfrs, 600-800#, Branding Shots in March: Vira Shield 6, Vision 7, Pre-cond Shots in July
Doreangi Ranch 3 Blk/Bwf Strs, 200#
Whitney & Julie Balzan 2 Longhorn Strs
Bar R Z 2 Mx Hfrs
Robert & Julie Balzan 1 Longhorn Hfr

Hoehn Farms 210 Char/Rd/few Blk-x Cows
Simon Ranch 80 Mx Cows
****7 Mx Bulls
Farthing Ranch 58 Mx Cows, Exposed to Blk Angus Bulls, CF: March 25 to Aug. 9
Cheyenne Cattle Co. 65 Red/Rwf Cows/Hfretts, 3-10 yr olds
Eddie Greenwald 25 Mx Cows
Kelly Burch/Burch Livestock 20 Mx Cows
****3 Mx Bulls
Bar R Z 22 Mx Cows
Andy Barnette 20 Mx Cows
Chris Birkmaier 17 Mx Cows
Ben Seppanen 16 Mx Cows
Stuart Peters 14 Mx Cows
Falkenburg Ranch 8 Mx Cows/Bull
Rod Nelson 5 Mx Cows/Hfretts
Lee Denny 2 Blk Hfrett
Kelly Morava 2 Bulls
Rudy Oliver 1 Blk Bull
Whitney Bazan 1 Longhorn Cow

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Date: August 10, 2018
Contact: Torrington Livestock Markets
Phone Number: (307) 532-3333
Email Address:

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