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WED., JUNE 13, 2018, @ 12:00 NOON

122 Mstly Blk strs, w & dbl v, 825-900# Harlan Jacobson/Sons
87 Mstly Blk/Bwf s&h, w & dbl v, 825-975# Clint Baumgartner
86 Mstly Blk strs, w & dbl v, 900-950# Jay Nelson
63 Blk strs, w & dbl v, 825# Steve Lodge
52 Mstly Blk/Bwf (mstly strs), w & v, 475-625# Steve Slizoski
50 Blk, strs, w dbl v, 825-875# Bill Thome

60 Blk (running age) (may be split) w/ 175-300# calves
that are vaccinated & broke to creep feed Swede Nelson
9 Blk (running age) w/ 3 mon. old vaccinated Char calves Ron Wies
8 Blk (running age) w/ 2-3 mon. old calves Pat Sullivan
Several sets of late bred/fall bred cows

Date: June 13, 2018
Contact: Albion Livestock
Phone Number: (402) 395-2188
Email Address:

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