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Ft Pierre Livestock AuctionSaturday, Jan 13th

--------------BRED CATTLE-----------

Adam Schelske, 85 Angus hfrs, AId to Connealy Irish (3 days) clf 2-25

Kyle Wyly, 30 HR Ang hfrs, bred LBW SAV Ang, clf 3-25 (21 days-pelvic measured)

Robert Thomsen Age Disp of Blk cows, 40 HR Blk cows (27 coming 5s &
13 coming 6s) bred Blk, clf 3-15 (45 days) (cake broke)

Kenny Rhoden & Darrell Wilcox Age Disp, 93 Blk cows (4s coming 5s) bred Angus,
clf 3-10 (60 days)

Jeff Schaefer, 40 HR PB Ang cows (3-5s) bred Ang, clf 2-10 (OCC genetics)

Ronald Turbiville Complete Disp, 50 B,Bwf, few Red cows (coming 5s to BM)
bred Medicine Creek Angus, clf 4-1

Randy & Trent Stroup, 15 mostly HR Blk cows (coming 4s to SM)
Bred Fouss & Larson Ang, clf 3-25 (45 days)

Schultes Ranch, 78 B,Bwf cows (3 to BM) bred Blk, clf 3-28

Geno Hunt, 100 B,Bwf BM cows bred Ang or Herford, clf 3-20

Pillote Farms, 30 Blk cows (SM-BM) bred Angus, clf 4-1 (60 days)

Justin Little, 24 Blk BM cows, bred Blk, clf 3-1

Todd Storer, 12 B,Bwf BM cows, bred Char, clf 4-7.

Plus more packages & part loads of drop in bred cattle.

Friday, Jan 19th Special Grass, Feeder & Replacement Hfr Sale
5000 or more High Quality Cattle - Calves 11 AM C.T. (10 AM M.T.)

For more information call:
Dennis Hanson Bryan Hanson Willie Cowan Sale Barn
605-223-2575 605-280-1283 605-280-1021 605-223-2576
or 1-800-280-7210 or visit our web site at or DTN at
North Central Sale Barn Sales broadcast on live bid format at
Date: January 13, 2018
Contact: Ft Pierre Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (605) 223-2576
Email Address:

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