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Breeding Cattle Auction
Tuesday, February 13th Auction
Breeding Cattle Auction
9:30 a.m. Slaughter Cattle 12:00 Noon Bred hfrs. followed by Bred Cows

Bred Heifers
30 Blk Angus 2 yr. old 1st calf heifers mated to Nagels low birth weight bulls,
calve March 10th, 60 days. All bred hfrs. in town Wes Palmer

Bred Cows and Dispersions
90 Blk running age cows, bred Blk, calve March 15th, for 60 days Ron Stewart &
Jon Young
89 Angus (13 bred 1st calf heifers, bred to Sitz Lightening low birth weight bulls;
14 2nd calf; 16 3rd calvers; 15 4th calvers; 8 5th calvers; balance are running
age cows), bred to Reg. Angus Bulls, calve March 8th, for 65 days Lyle
Lemmer Estate
62 Blk Angus running age cows, mated Angus, calve March 10th. Tom &
Bonnie Krysl
40 Blk running age cows, bred Black, calve March 10th, for 65 days Glen
Rudloff - Pending
39 Blk running age cows, bred Black, calve March 15th, for 60 day. Complete
dispersion Matt Cooper
35 Blk Fall Pairs, with calves at 200-400# - Mike Ketter 308-660-9168
30 Blk running age cows, bred Blk, calve March 1st Rollie Wallinger
23 Blk running age cows, bred Blk sons of Final Answer, calve Feb. 25th, for 75
days. Sour Boss Shot & poured with Cleanup George & BradleyWright

Date: February 13, 2018
Contact: Atkinson Livestock Market
Phone Number: (402) 925-5141
Email Address:

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