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Cattle Sale and Feeder Calf Special
Advance Consignments include for Monday Oct 16th 12:00

Bob & Dan Noonan 295 Black BWF Steers and Heifers They have had Vision 7, Vista 5 550-625#

CC Mulloy LTD 275 Angus steers(125) and Heifers(150) They are Vac 34+, Age and Source Thru IMI Global No implants 500#

Duke Cattle Co 220 Black BWF and Char X steers and heifers They have had Bovasheild Gold One shot and vision 7 450-500#

Cullan Farms 200 Red Angus Steers and heifers PC and Red angus Certified 550-575#

Schleicher LLC 185 Angus angus x steers and heifers 550-600#

Borges Farm and Ranch 107 Angus angus x steers(60) and heifers(47)They had Pyramid 5 and Vision 7 at Branding 5-550#

Lyndon & Bridget Grubbs/Amy & Gus Cross 105 Red angus sired steers and heifers. They have had Triangle PHK & 7 Way with Somnus at branding and boostered at PC They were also poured with Dectomax. 550-600#

Wernke Ent 90 Angus angus x steers and heifers PC 575-600#

Mader Ranch 75 Angus angus x steers and heifers They have had Vista 1, 7 way with spur 550#

Brad Applegate 80 Angus steers and heifers 550#

Lukesh & Mehling 60 Red Angus Steers They were banded and given Inforce 3, Vision 7 with Spur on 4-22. They were PC 9-6 with Pyramid 5 = Presponse SQ. Steers are carrying the Red Angus Tags 6-650#

Glen Ross 75 Angus angus steers and heifers They were given Alpha 7 at tagging and they had 20/20 at branding, Vision 7 With Spur and Inforce and Pc with Vision 5 with Spur, Vista Once and Ultra Saber Pour On 9-9 550#

Tim Riggs 35 Angus steers PC 600#

Don Mercer 80 Mixed steers and heifers PC 4-600#
Plus pending consignments 308-631-5401 Jerry 308-641-8453 Josh for more
Date: October 13, 2017
Contact: Platte Valley Livestock
Phone Number: (800) 873-7452
Email Address:

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